Children of celebrities born in 2021: see babies who delight the web. Photos!

2021 was special for many famous families, so the Purepeople brought together the children of artists who were born throughout the year. Biah Rodrigues, for example, welcomed Fernanda, her second daughter, on November 11th. The girl is the result of a relationship with the countryman Sorocaba, responsible for publishing the youngest girl’s first photo on Instagram.

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On the web, Biah reported how her days with the little girl have been. “I wonder how we can feel such unconditional love for our children, right?!? It’s a love that hurts. It doesn’t divide and it can’t be bought, it just exists and is felt! I have no words to measure it. And it’s exactly right. thus the love of God for us, immeasurable,” he said.

See other babies born in 2021 that delight the web

Bianca Andrade and Fred

After her departure from “Big Brother Brasil 20”, Bianca Andrade rediscovered youtuber Fred, with whom he had previously had a relationship. In December the businesswoman announced that she was expecting the couple’s first child. Cris was born in July. Since then, Bianca has been dealing with the physical and emotional changes that come with pregnancy and the postpartum period.

“It was a roller coaster, a lot of ups and downs. Some days, I was insecure and sad because of all the changes in my body, I had a lot of stretch marks and pimples. But at the same time, I tried to calm down, understand myself. and think on the other hand. I was my baby’s house and I was an amazing woman for that,” she said in an interview.

Virgínia Fonseca and Zé Felipe

Virgínia Fonseca gave birth to their first daughter, Maria Alice, on May 30th. On her YouTube channel, the influencer has revealed mood swings since the firstborn was born.

“I don’t think it’s depression, but I feel more worried, tense because of the responsibility I now have. These days I wasn’t depressed, but I was kind of down because it was too much responsibility,” said the wife of singer Zé Felipe .

“When it’s in the belly, it’s already a responsibility. But when it comes out of the belly it seems to triple. It wasn’t depression, I didn’t have that… I know that many women have it. My obstetrician was afraid of me and even kept asking me as I was, but thank God I didn’t have anything”, he commented.

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Lucas Lucco and Lorena Carvalho

Lorena Carvalho also told his experience and detailed the arrival of Luca, his son with Lucas Lucco. The baby was born on March 19th.

“Exactly 4:52 am my son is born, by humanized natural birth, welcomed by daddy’s hands and straight into mommy’s lap! We had our golden hour and nothing explains what I felt! Luca was born and I was reborn! I looked at him and stopped. my husband and I silently thanked God for my family! I will never forget that moment!”, he guaranteed.

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