Childhood under the umbrella of health in rainy season

The threat of corona epidemic is not over yet that many deadly infectious diseases that occur in the rainy season have knocked in many parts of the country. Most of the newborn or young children are coming in its grip. In such a situation, it is necessary that we pay attention to some such precautions, so that the innocent can be saved from these deadly health hazards. In fact, due to polluted water during the rainy days, the risk of infection and serious diseases associated with it increases. It is worth noting that the immunity of newborn babies is not high, due to which they get sick quickly. Therefore great care is needed in their care.

bath and dress
Due to sudden rains in the midst of scorching heat, the temperature keeps on fluctuating more and more frequently. During this time, the humidity in the weather increases significantly, due to which the risk of fever, cough, cold, bacterial allergies, fungal infections, ringworm etc. increases in children. In such weather, keep children away from water as much as possible. It would be advisable to bathe the newborn 2-3 times a week during the rainy season. Usually newborn babies lie on the bed and in such a situation their body does not get too dirty. Especially if you clean them properly after stool and urine, then it is not right at all to bathe the baby separately again and again.

Always wear cotton full body covering clothes for the newborn during the rainy season. Due to this, the child’s body remains optimally balanced between cold and heat. Not only this, children are protected from mosquitoes by wearing full body clothes. Change children’s clothes daily. By doing this, they will be protected from diseases caused by infection.

massage is necessary
Oil massage is very beneficial for the elders as well as the newborn. With massage where the bones and muscles of the child are strengthened. On the other hand, oil massage in the cold weather of rainy season makes the body feel warm, which reduces the risk of getting sick.

Mustard oil is traditionally used for massage and is also considered better for health reasons. Although there are many ayurvedic oils available for baby massage, you can use any of them on medical advice. By the way, newborn babies should be massaged daily. But even if this is not possible, then at least 2-3 times a week should massage them well.

food care
Like winter and summer, special care should be taken of the diet of the newborn in the rainy season. Usually, newborn babies up to six months of age drink only breast milk, which already has plenty of water. Whereas children older than him can be given water when they feel hot or sweaty. Also that children should be given clean water only. The best option for this is to boil water and drink it after it comes to normal temperature. It would be better that apart from children, other members of the house also drink water in this way at least in this season.

caution and instruction
Mosquitoes start bothering from the evening itself during the rainy season. In such a situation, to protect the baby from mosquitoes, keep the windows and doors of the house closed from the day itself and do not allow water to stagnate in the house.
If you have mosquitoes around, use a mosquito net for your baby. Take care not to use coils or mosquito repellents in your baby’s room.
Due to the increase in humidity in this season, the risk of infection increases greatly. Therefore, protect the bed, clothes, floor etc. of the house from getting wet. Keep checking your baby’s nappy/nappy every once in a while and change it if necessary.
In case of any abnormal condition, seek medical help immediately.

(This article is for general information and awareness only. Seek expert help for treatment or health related advice.)

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