Child pornography – Indictment of a former school principal in Carcassonne: National Education opens a listening and support unit

The academic director of the national education services of Aude, Joël Laporte, has put in place several measures from this Wednesday, November 16 to respond to the concerns of both staff, parents and students following the indictment of a former director of the Marcelin-Berthelot school.

“From the moment the facts are proven and a court decision has been taken, we go directly to the establishment” promised, some time before the identity of the former school principal, retired for more than a year, was indicated with more precision, the academic director of the national education services in Aude Joël The door. “When the staff know the name of the school, it is our duty to take care of them, which is why we have set up a listening unit. Such news generates questions among all those who have been around him. : National Education is organized for this type of situation, unfortunately it is necessary to specify, because obviously we fall from the clouds”.

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Parents will inevitably ask themselves the same questions about the safety of their children during the period during which the man who admitted the facts of “detention of images of minors presenting a pornographic nature”, “offering or making available images of minors presenting child pornography” and “importing images of minors presenting child pornography”.

Joël Laporte, academic director in Aude announces the opening of a listening unit
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“Parents must have an entry point, which will be the school, but it is the departmental education services directorate (DSDEN) which will be responsible – with authorized people – for listening, advising , even to accompany children on a psychological level. It is we who will manage this, it is not up to the school to manage the questioning of the parents “ added Joël Laporte.

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