Child Line Helpline If there is human trafficking or trouble then call on the helpline number 1098 of Child Line

Bilaspur. Child Line Helpline: Child line and GRP organized in the zonal station and asked the passengers to give information by calling the helpline number 1098 immediately on seeing or getting information about human trafficking or smuggling in any way. Apart from this, they were told in detail about Child Line. Dedicated railway child line 1098 service is operated for help only.

Passengers were informed that the dedicated organization Railway Child Child Line National Emergency is a 24-hour free phone service. Where information about the care and safety of the elders is given. The main responsibility is to stop human trafficking and help stray children. The team members also try to discharge the responsibility better. But it is not necessary that the team members should be noticed in such cases.

For this the passengers also need to help. Under this, information about the purpose of the helpline number and child line is conveyed to the passengers by organizing from time to time. GRP station in-charge GR Rathia told the passengers about physical abuse or sexual abuse. Along with this, important information related to the safety of women was also made available.

Similarly, the safety and care of children was told by the President of the dedicated organization, Dr. Sandeep Sharma and appealed to the passengers to provide information by calling 1098 in case of any problem. Dedicated Railway Child Line Center Coordinator Nilkamal Bhardwaj, Counselor Alka Fak, besides team member Santosh Srivastava were involved in making this program a success.

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