Child dead in Turin, the stepfather: "A tragic game"

The building from which the child fell in Turin (Ansa)

Turin, January 15, 2022 – “I was playing with Fatima on the balcony. I threw it in the air and took it back, with the mother watching us from underneath. I don’t know how it could have happened … “. This is the dramatic story to the investigating judge Agostino Pasquariello, during the underwriting interrogation, of Mohssine Azhar, the 32-year-old arrested for death of the fallen three-year-old girl from a building in the center of Turin. The man, assisted by the lawyer Alessandro Sena, admitted he drank a few glasses and having taken hashish, but he reiterated that he “had not lost lucidity”, except when he realized that the child had fallen.

Turin, 3-year-old girl died. Stopped mate mother: “I was not careful”

Mohssine Azhar, companion of Fatima's mother (Ansa)

The child she would have reached her stepfather’s house by herself, who is on top of the one where she lived with her mother, wearing pajamas and non-slip socks on my feet. The man, who was drinking with some friends, would pick her up and go to the balcony to say hello to mum Lucia, downstairs on the balcony. Then that tragic game, in front of the mother’s gaze. The prosecutor Valentina Sellaroli asked for the arrest to be validated for voluntary homicide with possible intent and the precautionary measure. Mohssine’s defender, Alessandro Sena, asked to change the crime hypothesis into manslaughter and therefore the non-validation of the arrest and no precautionary measures, as there is no danger of escape. The investigating judge reserved the right to decide.

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