chicness of 34 thousand salary manager: Chicness Of 34 Thousand Salary Manager : indore lokayukta raided jhabua Society manager and for half kg gold, 22 lakh cash, , luxury bungalow, glass walls : 42 tola gold, 22 lakh cash, luxury bungalow, glass Walls… Lokayukta officers were shaken to see the chicness of a manager with 34 thousand salary

The Lokayukta team raided on Thursday morning in Maltori village of Meghnagar in tribal-dominated Jhabua district. The entire team of Lokayukta police has also taken action in Ratlam, Jhabua and Meghnagar, including Maltori, the residence of the manager posted in Devjiri, a tribal society. During this, huge property has been received from the society manager. Society manager Bharat Singh Hada has turned out to be the owner of manifold assets than his salary during 25 years of service.

Received Rs 22 lakh in cash

Society Manager Bharat Singh Hada has earned a lot of wealth. It can be guessed from this that only 22 lakh 76 thousand rupees have been received from his house in cash. The team of Lokayukta is trying to investigate from where it has got so much money. Along with this, the Lokayukta was getting information about the irregularities of the activities of the organization for the past several days by Bharat Singh Hada, the manager of the Tribal Service Cooperative Society Maryadit Devjhari. The Lokayukta team has found the matter to be true in the initial investigation. After this, after taking a warrant from the court, raids have been conducted on the premises of the society manager.

Hada’s salary is 34-35 thousand


In fact, during 25 years of service, Hada has earned many times more assets than salary. In 1997, he was admitted to the society as a salesman. In the investigation of the Lokayukta team, it has come to the fore that at present his salary is close to 35 thousand rupees. Bath tub, expensive furniture, chandeliers, luxurious lighting and luxurious bedrooms have been found in the house of his Ghosalia village.

The manager is the owner of six houses

In the raid of Lokayukta, many properties of the manager have been revealed. He has six houses and two plots. There are houses of the accused manager in Maltori, Meghnagar, Jhabua and Ratlam. Lokayukta had started raids at his house at 6 am. The action went on till late night. Lokayukta’s team was also shaken after seeing its immense wealth.

42 tola gold and 5 kg silver found


Jewelery has also been found on a large scale from the house of the society manager. The Lokayukta team has found 42 tola of gold and five kg of silver ornaments near it. Along with this, the team has also recovered Scorpio. Several teams of Lokayukta were investigating its locations. Departmental action will also be taken against Bharat Singh Hada.

Bath tub and gym at home

The eyes of the people used to be dazzled after seeing the house of Bharat Singh Hada. People used to stay after seeing this luxurious house of a low-salary manager. The house has glass walls. Also the interior has been done by spending lakhs of rupees. Along with this the furniture has also been installed very expensive. Even the Lokayukta team was finding it difficult to believe seeing all these things. The team of Indore Lokayukta has seized many of his documents.

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