Chiara Ferragni shows the Christmas tree on social media and ends up on ‘Case Pacchiane’. Then the ‘mystery’ of Fedez: “Let’s see who finds it in the video”

Christmas is just over a month away and for some VIPs it’s time to decorate. They know it well Ferragnez‘, who have already decorated their home, or at least part of it. To show it on social networks – last November 16 – it was really Clare Ferragnicomplete with “All I Want for Christmas Is Youby Mariah Carey in the background. Ad hoc decorated front door with red balls and then the showy Christmas tree, the real gem. The reason? Change lights easily and quickly, from cooler to warmer colors, passing through the rainbow and white: a triumph of lights that also conquered TikTok (the video currently has 1.8 million views). Not an excellent response, however, for the presentation choreography chosen by the digital entrepreneur. Someone pointed it out to her in the comments: “she had run out of moves”, so she replied: “Too much”. Someone else wondered how the lights could change so quickly, in sync with the influencer’s movements: “She was waiting for the okay from Fede (Fedez, her husband, ed) to make her magic moves”, commented a girl . So Ferragni replied with a video: “Look carefully, it’s not Faith making me the video because you can see him at the beginning of the video. Let’s see who finds it first.”

The most attentive followers did not let it slip away: Fedez was sleeping. While his wife recorded the Christmas video, the Milanese rapper took a nap right on the sofa next door: “On the sleeping sofa, epic Faith”, wrote the fans. Even an Instagram page that in recent months has begun to populate the feeds of social media users has not remained indifferent to the pomp: we are talking about ‘Case Pacchiane’, followed by 201,000 followers. “Good evening”, commented the page below the video published by Chiara Ferragni. Then, given the numerous comments, the Ferragnez tree was also published in the Instagram stories of ‘Pacchiane Houses’. But it is on the influencer’s lack of coordination that most of the comments were unleashed: “Me trying to kill mosquitoes”, “Bravissima Chiara, you and the times with the change of lights. Very coordinated. Crazy,” some wrote. The same irony about expensive bills: “When the bill is not a problem“, “And the energy crisis changes”, “We mere mortals this year will fucking turn on the lights on the Christmas tree”, the other comments from the entrepreneur’s followers (as many as 28.1 million on Instagram alone) . And the cost of these lights? “Chiara Ferragni’s Christmas tree goes from being colored all red, to the colors of Italy up to the most varied multicolor. Twinkly’s smart lights range from 74 euros only for strips that start from 100 LEDs up to lighting for the entire tree at a cost of 499 euros”, writes Fanpage.

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