Chhindwara News: A culvert damaged due to illegal sand mining

Source (Navdunia News). Villagers submitted a memorandum in the name of Chief Minister to Saunsar SDM Shreyans Kumat regarding the damaged culvert of Kanhan river located on Lodhikheda-Rangari road located on Kanhan river. The villagers informed the SDM through a memorandum that the culvert on the Lodhikheda-Rangari road has been damaged due to illegal sand mining. Illegal excavation of sand is being done by the sand contractor despite the high level investigation and taking action against the culprits and the government’s ban. At the same time, the government is losing crores of rupees due to illegal mining of sand from the machine outside the approved mine area and stealing and selling sand. Illegal mining is causing huge damage to the fields, roads and culverts of the farmers of the area. Therefore, illegal mining of sand should be strictly stopped and strict action should be taken against the culprits. Employment-oriented work should be done in the area with the amount of sand and manganese royalty of the area, while the villagers said that if action is not taken by the administration, then a one-day symbolic dharna on Lodhikheda-Rangari Kanhan culvert will be followed by a sit-in demonstration at the tehsil headquarters. During this, district members Sandeep Bhakne, Pramod Manapure, Bagdali Khangar, Rajesh Mankar, Amol Jogi, Mehndi Sangam, Premraj Gajbhiye, Sumit Mulmule, Sharad Waghade, Jageshwar Dhomene, Vilas Nikose, Prakash Raut, Vinod Qaida, Chandu Ramteke, Someshwar Kadua, Golu Thackeray Other villagers were present.

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