Chhatarpur News: Cows did not get ruined, shelter for cows

Vikas Pandey, Lavkushnagar.

In a half-finished gaushala set up to give shelter to the destitute cows, the responsible ate cream by making a scam of 7.30 lakhs, but the cows could not get shelter. Now after catching the matter, the responsible are trying to cover up it by accusing each other.

In Lavkushnagar, no one is keeping an eye on the condition of the destitute cows which are raging on the bus stand and city roads including Mahoba Road, Chandla Road, Chhatarpur Road. Every day they are either losing their lives in road accidents or other people are falling prey to accidents after colliding with them. Even though they have not got proper shelter in the name of Gau Shala, but those who build Gau Shala definitely become rich. Congress Backward Classes cell’s block president Daljit Singh Rajput and social worker Manish Shukla told that Iqbal Khan was awarded the contract for the construction of a cowshed by the city council on several acres of vacant land behind the jail in Lavkushnagar at a cost of Rs 7.30 lakh. Given. It is only from here that the work of earning maximum profit by spending least amount has started. 7.30 lakh hideouts were set up by getting half raw and half cheap work done. Far from getting shelter to the cows roaming destitute on the roads, the contractor did not handover the gaushala to the city council. Now, fearing that this matter will echo even higher, the contractor and the CMO of the city council are busy shedding crocodile tears in the name of cow service by blaming each other and talking of filing a report of the stolen goods in the police station. The contractor says that when he told the CMO about the theft of goods from the gaushala, he had asked him to report to the police station. When he went to the police station, the police drove away saying that the report should be made to the CMO. However, this whole matter entangled between the contractor and the CMO has become suspicious and people are demanding action against those who scammed millions in the name of cow shelters by getting this matter investigated.

The boundary of the gate was missing, the tanks were cracked:

Going to the place where the cow shelter was built, it is found that gradually the goods started being stolen and the finished structures have been damaged. The contractor put an improvised half gate of thin bars here but forgot to make the boundary. Wire facing was done for a few meters in the name of boundary, that forged and angle have all been stolen. 4.30 lakh cement-concrete tanks have broken down and reached a dilapidated condition. The whole area is desolate. There have been pits on the rocky ground, thorny bushes and wild plants have grown everywhere. The local people told that many times the Deputy Engineer of the Municipal Council was informed about this arbitrary and deteriorating Gaushala, but Sahib has always ignored it.


I have knowledge about this. In connection with the theft of goods from there, I go to the police station on Monday and file a report. After taking information about the whole matter, I will show it.

Ajay Agnihotri

Incharge CMO, Lavkushnagar

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