Chhatarpur News: Chhatarpur: Migration of useless laborers working with machines in MNREGA

Sanjay Saxena, Chhatarpur.

Most of the MGNREGA work is done by machines. In the hope of getting work, the workers return home empty handed after seeing the work being done by machines throughout the day. As a result, laborers have started migrating due to lack of work and bread. However, the administration is not lagging behind in claiming to provide employment to the workers in the village itself from the paper data of MNREGA.

The government has implemented Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee i.e. MNREGA scheme in the panchayats in the year 2005 with the aim of providing employment to the common poor in the village itself. The basic objective of this world’s biggest plan was to provide work to the people and stop their migration by doing faith and labor oriented work, but this could not happen. According to sources, the ground reality is that 90 percent of the works are not being done in gram panchayats, the works which are done are completed on paper and the amount is withdrawn. Most of the works of MNREGA like pond deepening, earthing, plantation, drain cleaning are done by machines, while without getting many works done, money has been withdrawn from fake musters and fake bills in the name of wages and materials. The responsibilities associated with the Panchayat through MNREGA are having fun by showing the deepening of ponds by fake during the rainy season. Despite receiving complaints about getting MGNREGA work done by machines, the responsible officers are silent. While under the MNREGA scheme, an amount of crores is being shown on paper. The question is that when the people of the village are migrating to the metropolis in search of work complaining of lack of work, price and bread, then where and how is this amount being spent.

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Work-price, migration compulsion for bread

One is that under MGNREGA, work is not available in the village, even if work is available, the payment is less and late. Due to the arrears of wages, instead of working, the laborers consider it more appropriate to migrate from the village to the metropolis for work, price and bread after collecting the sacks from the village. Due to all such reasons, hundreds of laborers from the district are moving to Delhi, Mumbai, Gujarat, Hyderabad and other states every day in search of employment due to lack of work and wages in the village. Gathers of men and women fleeing can be seen waiting for the car on the roadside. Nearly dozens of tribal villages are becoming vacant due to work. The reality of MGNREGA is coming to the fore due to the exodus of laborers, while a worrying picture of the plight of rural laborers is also visible. Betka tribal told that there is no work in the village. Even if work is done, wages are received late, in which case people have to take loans from people and light the stove. What is the plan for such work which can neither provide work nor wages on time. Tolaram tribal told that this time there is not a pinch of grain in the house due to poor farming. The work that is done in the village is done by machines. Sometimes work is available for five-six days, then one has to sit idle for 25 days. Due to the delay in getting the money, it became difficult to feed the family, that is why they are going out. Many workers say that the MNREGA scheme is only for amateur laborers and middlemen and sahibs, common workers are troubled by this. The workers allege that this ambitious plan has turned into a scheme of robbery.

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What are the figures for the four months before the rain

In the data recorded in the files of the administration, a good blueprint of the success of MNREGA has been drawn. According to this, during the Corona crisis period of 2021-22 in Chhatarpur district, work was done in the district through MGNREGA in the four months of April to July 2021 in the direction of increasing water conservation works and providing employment. In which 1 lakh 65 thousand 192 rural laborers have been given employment. This number of people getting work is 73 percent of the people seeking total work. While the scheme did not work for 27 percent of the people. Those who did not get work, they joined agriculture or returned and went back to the metropolis. In this way, so far 2 lakh 26 thousand 220 people have sought work in the district, although in these four months 61028 people have not got employment despite seeking work.

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Fact file-

Month – Benefited Workers

April- 42908

May- 42228

June- 51029

July- 30027

They say-

Under MNREGA, all possible rural workers are given work in the village itself. As far as migration is concerned, after harvesting and harvesting from here, the laborers often go out for work as per their convenience. It is not an escape, it is a routine process, they will come back.

Amar Bahadur Singh

CEO, Zilla Panchayat Chhatarpur.

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