Cheyenne Ochsenknecht has known about pregnancy for a long time!

Cheyenne Ochsenknecht (22) kept her sweet secret for a long time! The daughter of Natascha (58) and Uwe Ochsenknecht (66) is pregnant again – she announced that on New Year’s Day. Reality TV fame is expecting her second child with her husband Nino Claus. A small baby ball could also be seen in the announcement photo. But how far is Cheyennes second pregnancy already advanced?

“We’ve known that for a little longer, to be honest,” the influencer now pointed out in her Instagram-Story on. And when exactly did you and Nino find out about your renewed baby happiness? “Around summer time last year – an extremely long time. I’m happy to share the rest of my pregnancy with you, but it won’t be long I can tell you.”stressed cheyenne. Nevertheless, she gave in: “The tummy is very small for the second pregnancy, I think.”

cheyenne also gave her followers a direct general update: “We’re fine, the baby’s fine, Nino and I are so looking forward to the second child, it’s really incredible,” she enthused. The 22-year-old also revealed: “We don’t know the gender – you couldn’t tell anything yet.”

Instagram / cheyennesavannah

Cheyenne Ochsenknecht, her daughter Mavie and her husband Nino in December 2022

Instagram / cheyennesavannah

Cheyenne Ochsenknecht baby bump update in early January 2023

Instagram / cheyennesavannah

Cheyenne Ochsenknecht in December 2020 in Berlin

By the size of that belly, would you have guessed that Cheyenne has been pregnant since “Summer Around”?

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