Cheyenne Ochsenknecht confirms: The family is at odds

Drama at the Ochsenknechts? In the new episodes of the reality TV series Die Ochsenknechts at the latest, it became clear that things were not going well with the famous family! Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht (31) in particular is said to disrupt the family dynamics: He only takes care of his girlfriend Laura Marie Geissler (24) and proposed to her at his sister’s wedding. Cheyenne (22) now confirms: There is actually a dispute in the family.

In your Instagramstory, the youngest Ochsenknecht living in Austria answered the questions of her fans. One of them particularly catches the eye: “What do you say about toxic families? Does that exist?” Cheyenne replied, “Sure there is. We’ve got a fight in the family, too. That’s how it is in the best of families.“The soon-to-be mother of two confirmed the rumors about the dispute in the Ochsenknecht family.

jimi Blue is said not even to have appeared for his mother Natascha’s (58) birthday, which caused great disappointment in the family. Cheyenne said only briefly: “He’s just in his world right now.” Wilson Gonzalez (33) finds his brother and laura are in your bubble – and it’s made of concrete!

Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht and Cheyenne Savannah Ochsenknecht, 2017
Wilson Gonzalez Ochsenknecht, Natascha Ochsenknecht, Cheyenne Ochsenknecht and Nino Sifkovits

Instagram / cheyennesavannah

Cheyenne and Natascha Ochsenknecht in May 2022

Do you think they will get along again soon?

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