Chen premiered Last Scene, the best of the emotional MV and comeback

The artists of SM Entertainment have given us amazing music this year, now it is EXO’s Chen who presented his third solo mini album, showing off his voice but also capturing a whole story in the MV for his single Last Scene.

This month of November is full of exciting comebacks, both by groups and soloists. Chen is one of the vocalists of EXO which already has several individual releases and each of them has touched the hearts of its fans, raising expectations for Last Scene.

East album it’s perfect for fall and the nostalgia that is part of this season, but no matter what month we are in, you probably won’t want to stop listening last scene with the incredible talent of Chen.

This album represents the first comeback of Chen since the K-Pop idol completed his military service, making him even more highly anticipated by fans. Do you dare to discover everything that this new release includes? The album and the MV Last Scene you will love it.

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EXO: Why You Shouldn’t Miss Chen’s Last Scene?

  • Chen’s Last Scene has a nostalgic MV

The music video of this idol from kpop takes us to observe a melancholic sunrise from two different perspectives. A man drives her car with a dejected face, meanwhile, a woman walks lonely on the beach while looking at the scenery in front of her. With the help of the lyrics we can imagine that they separated, but despite not being together the feelings between them remain.

  • Chen’s voice is perfect for ballads

Whether it’s within his albums, collaborations or OSTs, Chen’s voice is charged with emotions, so when he introduces a new ballad you can be sure that the verses will touch your heart.

EXO’s Chen in Last Scene teasers. | Source: Twitter @exobel9

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  • What does Chen’s Last Scene say in Spanish?

The lyrics of the song tells us about a separation that can almost be predicted, because even without saying anything a person can notice that the person they love is acting differently and little by little is saying goodbye. In the midst of that moment, she can’t help but think of all the experiences they’ve shared together, as well as the times she imagined that it would last forever.

EXO’s Chen premiered Last Scene. | Source: Twitter @DoKyungLoey

  • Last Scene is the perfect song to cry

If you’re in a moment where emotions seem to be building up inside you, Chen’s vz and powerful lyrics come at the perfect time to let those feelings out.

EXO’s Chen premiered Last Scene. | Source: Twitter @loeyrics

  • All of Chen’s songs on the Last Scene album

This record material includes 6 songs different, among which we find titles like Photograph, Traveler, I Don’t Even Mind, Your Shelter, Reminisce and the main single that bears the same name from the album.

Songs by Chen on his album Last Scene. | Source: Twitter @weareoneEXO

Don’t leave Rex Nation, do you know how the EXO members reacted to hearing Chen’s new songs? Here we tell you a little about what they said.

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