Chef Peppe receives certificate from Generous Laugh

On Saturday evening, the certificate of the Order of the Generous Laugh was officially handed over to chef Peppe.


Peppe Giacomazza received the certificate of the Order of the Generous Laugh in the Limburghal in Genk on Saturday evening. He is the 51st known Belgian to be honored for this.

The Confrérie of the Order of the Generous Laugh presents an annual award to people who make themselves useful in the field of humor in society. In the past, the charters went to Prime Ministers Gaston Eyskens, Leon Tindemans and Wilfried Martens, among others. Former European president Herman Van Rompuy also has the trophy in his house. In addition, many Belgians who are active in culture and other sectors received the coveted prize. For the first time in the existence of the Confrérie, the certificate goes to a chef. As a TV chef, Peppe often seasons his food with a touch of humour. In his own kitchen, too, he strives in all seriousness for high-quality dishes that get even more flavor when they are created with a smile. The ceremony is part of the annual Prince Pronk session where the 66th city prince is also appointed. (cn)

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