Chef Jaroslav Sapík celebrates his 70th birthday: He has been cooking goodies for 65 years!

How old were you when you first cooked and which dish did you choose?

“I was five years old. I made a mushroom stir-fry. I don’t count the semolina porridge, that was earlier.’

You’ve cooked for a lot of celebrities. Which of them do you consider yourself the most?

“In addition to the British monarch, it was Pope John Paul, many of our and foreign presidents, Karel Gott, Arnošt Lustig, Karel Vágner, my wife and many other important personalities from politics, healthcare, and culture. Eduard Cupák, my mother’s classmate, opened our restaurant in 1992 quite by chance when he discovered us on his way from filming. I respect all people. It is very difficult for me to choose just a certain personality, I value every guest who visits our restaurant and is satisfied.”

Is the diet of presidents different from that of normal mortals?

“State visits have a given protocol that states what country they come from, what their health status is, what they can eat, allergies, what their religion is, and the food is adjusted and prepared accordingly. And the menu often does not differ from the dishes of a regular diner. Of course, the presidential one must be modified to a festive character.”

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Which guest do you remember the most and why?

“I like to remember Empress Zita, for whom I cooked when I worked in Vienna at the Olympia restaurant. Then also for President Václav Havel, who was very modest in his food, a good goulash or drowning made him happy. Gustáv Husák ate very diet. His favorite dish was beef rib stew with potato and beetroot.”

Which recipe works for almost all guests?

“Sika deer on cream, Karlovy Vary dumpling and cranberries. That’s tutovka.”

What do you like to eat the most?

“What my wife cooks for me, so I don’t have to do anything. And what my daughter Lenka and daughter-in-law Ivanka sometimes present to me. They are both great cooks.’

When was the hottest time at the stove?

“Around Madrid at the Michal Angel Hotel, when we were preparing a banquet for five hundred people, we were under time pressure and rode an elevator that broke with us, and we were left hanging in a shaft without electricity. It was an endless amount of time before the repairmen got to us and finally pulled the elevator out. “

What’s the most expensive meal you’ve made?

“In India, I packed lobster and shrimp in slices that were made of twenty-four-karat gold. For the filming of fairy tales, we prepared, for example, a stuffed peacock at Barrandova. Back then, feasts were not made of props. Roast goose, chicken and duck were a matter of course, Stella Zázvorková just licked her lips.”

They say you recently had the wedding of the century in Vienna. What was it about?

“Vienna is a matter of my heart. As a young man, I gained a lot of experience here. I was honored when I was now approached to participate in the preparation of the wedding reception, which took place in the center of Vienna at the Belveder Castle. The ceremony was attended by many distinguished guests, the wedding was a great success. But I won’t tell you who I did the wedding for, I respect the guests’ privacy.”

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