Check critically by Ajax attracting Ocampos: “He is not an Ajax player”

Marciano Vink is not pleased with Ajax bringing in Lucas Ocampos. The Argentinian is now back to Sevillebut according to the former Ajax player, the club management could have known in advance that Ocampos would not suit the club.

‘The Supervisory Board saved a lot of money, because they initially wanted to buy it,’ Vink begins Football talk on ESPN. ‘The fact that he has not rendered in the way Hamstra and Huntelaar thought he would render is because he is not an Ajax player. There are a number of conditions that you must have if you want to succeed at Ajax. In defense you must be able to play a ball to the same color and in the front you must have a certain technical skill. As a runner, as he is a bit, Ajax already has Klaassen.’

“Attracting this player was a kind of panic in my eyes,” the former Ajax player believes. “In the end, someone else had to come because Antony left. You already had quite a few players who in their eyes were entitled to a basic place and you brought in one more about whom you could say in advance: he will take a seat on the bench first. It was too expensive for that, so I didn’t understand the whole move.’

Mark van Rijswijk does believe that there was – and still is – a real need at Ajax for a right winger. ‘If you wanted to compete in the Champions League, I think Ajax needed a very good right winger on the right side. If Ajax had had a really good right winger this season, the problems might have been less. There might have been less shuffling and perhaps Schreuder would have made clearer choices earlier.’

Right wing position Ajax

If it is up to Vink, Ajax already has a strong player for the right wing position. Steven Berghuis is almost always in midfield under the leadership of Alfred Schreuder, but he is multifunctional enough to offer the trainer more options. ‘Berghuis was also right winger at Feyenoord, wasn’t he? Can’t you also put it on that side?’, Vink wonders.

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