Charlotte Gott: She could sing, but … a stopwatch from Ivana?

Widow of Karl Gott († 80) Ivana (45) withdrew from the public after the Master’s death and appears only at events that are connected with him. For example, she presented completed projects – the film Charles and the autobiographical book My Journey for Happiness. But why does he keep both daughters in private, especially the young Charlotte, whose singing talent Gott directly wrote about?

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Felix’s confession about Dada and alcohol. And the cold last words of Karl Gott

“She has a talent for singing, which is obviously very clearly. She really doesn’t have any problems with that, she comes to the studio ready and sings with absolute mastery. He’s on his way, “ Gott himself praised his daughter in an interview for for example.

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Even though she is Ivana Gottová Aware of the qualities of her teenage daughter Charlotte Elly, she does everything so that her two daughters can grow up in a quiet environment without media massage. Just because Charlotte doesn’t show up on stage doesn’t mean she doesn’t hone her talent under the guidance of a singing teacher. There is also speculation that she is waiting until her 18th birthday. So it is possible that the beautiful Charlotte will unpack it in full force.

Klára Doležalová admitted: Without Gott, she would not be where she is!

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