Charlotte Gainsbourg: This terrible joke on death that her father Serge kept telling her over and over

This Wednesday, January 12, 2022, “Jane by Charlotte” will be released in cinemas. This documentary directed by Charlotte Gainsbourg is a tribute to her mother, Jane Birkin. For 4 years, Serge Gainsbourg’s daughter worked tirelessly to develop this project which was close to her heart. A long-term job that brought the two women together. However, Yvan Attal’s partner has often felt overwhelmed by the success of both her parents. In a recent interview for the Sunday Newspaper, the mother of Ben, Alice and Joe confided:

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“My mother was sublime, classy and wonderful. My friends envied me because she was so much funnier than theirs. When she arrived at my boarding school in her purple Triumph convertible, scarf in the wind and dark glasses, I sometimes wanted to have a more discreet mother, but I was proud. A memory that Charlotte Gainsbourg will remember all her life. Faced with the presence of her mother, the 50-year-old actress says it was “difficult” for her to assume her own physique. She remembers with bitterness the words of her father. “My father, for whom beauty was important, used to say that I was an orchid disguised as a nettle. It’s a nice compliment but I took it badly. “

This is not the one and only sentence from her dad that she remembers. Asked by Release on this Tuesday, January 11, the star returned to a morbid joke that Serge Gainsbourg often made him about death. “ I remember my dad joking around saying ‘Ah, when I broke my pipe’. And he laughed. I did not understand his humor about such a tragic thing (…) For children, the death of parents is tragic. We can’t stand it, we can’t talk about it. “ Words that will remain etched in his memory forever.

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