Charlotte gainsbourg "in depression" on her return to France: Jane Birkin to the rescue

Interviewed by Femina version, Charlotte Gainsbourg confided to having gone through a difficult period in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic. Installed in New York for 7 years, the actress had at the time preferred to leave the Big Apple to return to France to her family, when the epidemic hit the world. So in the middle of shooting his film Jane par Charlotte, which traces the life of her motherJane Birkin, the actress experienced a deep discomfort and a great sadness which could have prevented her from carrying out this family and intimate project.

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In the pages of the magazine and its edition of November 22, 2021, the interpreter, actress and director explains that her mother was not at all comfortable during the first takes. “We filmed in New York to soften the climate, but it was when we returned to Paris, at the time of Covid-19, that it all started. I went into depression but I had planned to film. I stuck to it and my mom helped me a lot.Fortunately, Jane Birkin did everything to put her daughter back on her feet and cheer her up during this gloomy time.

She always knew how to do it when we were bad. She offered herself totally for the film. There was not only the memory of Kate, who was the real photographer, but I also wanted to show her up close “, confides the mother of Joe, Ben and Alice (fruits of his relationship with Yvan Attal). A filming rich in emotions for the actress and her mother, who brooded over many family memories, including the mourning of Kate Barry, the daughter of Jane Birkin who died in 2013 after falling from the fourth floor of her Paris apartment). A drama following which Charlotte Gainsbourg had moved to New York.

I saw her, being so bad

Interviewed by The Parisian in July 2021, mother and daughter had already told of the depression experienced by Charlotte when she returned to France in 2020. “I have been in distress, she explained before addressing her mother. Finally I was not doing very well on my return, and there, it is you who helped and supported me. “Benevolent, the ex of Serge Gainsbourg confided:”These are the times when you have a real use, a dreadful word for a mother, but you can show that you are there. I saw her, being so ill, and I looked for solutions to appease her in this return to Paris.

Next to this cinematography project, and the film Human things (which she shares with Yvan Attal and their eldest son Ben, at the cinema on December 1), Serge Gainsbourg’s daughter continues to prepare for the transformation of her father’s mansion, located at 5 rue de Verneuil, into a museum. A dream that will come true “in 2022“.

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