Charlotte Caniggia tempted for a new reality: the details

The Caniggia family lives a particular moment with ups and downs. On the one hand, alex caniggia stands out in “The Hotel of the Famous” Y Charlotte Caniggia He does not want to return to any reality show after passing through “Master Chef Celebrity 3”. In the meantime, Mariana Nannis Y Claudio Caniggia They maintain a great judicial dispute over the complaint of gender violence of the former model.

As reported the Pavada of Daily Chronicle, They are looking for Charlotte Caniggia for a new reality show, although she is not interested, especially since it is focused on its products. Her brother has already finished recording the reality show and she plans to travel to Spain and Italy to take a well-deserved vacation.

The brand “CCC Charlotte Chantall Caniggia” was registered in 2014 in the name of Mariana Belén Solange Nannis in four classes that include clothing, footwear, alcoholic beverages and advertising services. In other words, the one who still rules the girl is her mother, Mariana, of her.

The truth is that she is already thinking about her new trip to the European summer, where she could be accompanied by alex caniggia after passing through “The Hotel of the Famous”where everything indicates that it reached the final, despite the fact that these chapters have not yet been broadcast.

Alex Caniggia and Charlotte Caniggia could travel to Europe together.

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