Charli D’Amelio overtakes: He has the most TikTok followers

There’s a new number one on TikTok. Charli D’Amelio (18) is one of the most successful TikTokers of all time. The teen started her career on the social media platform in 2019 and quickly became the most followed user. In 2020, over 100 million people followed the life of the American. For a long time it was the undisputed number one. But a TikToker has caught up rapidly in recent times. Now it was time: Khaby Lame (22) has Charlie dethroned!

Originally from Senegal and living in Italy, the prankster is now followed by 142.5 million people tik tok and thus almost 300,000 more than Charly (142.2 million followers). Khaby Likes to underscore the stupidity of other content creators’ lifehacks by exaggerating their actions and staring at them wide-eyed – almost entirely without dialogue. Thanks to this outspoken humor, the influencer’s follower count has skyrocketed in recent months.

With the hashtag #KhabyToNumberOne, TikTok users have started a movement that has accelerated the social media star’s follower growth in recent months. Opposite of New York Times explained Khabythat his reactions and expressions are a “global language” that fans associate with his videos. “It’s my face and my facial expressions that make people laugh”explained the 22-year-old.

Instagram / charlidamelio

Charli D’Amelio, social media star
Khaby Lame, social media star
Khaby Lame, September 2020

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