Charles, a charging robot for electric cars designed in France

Equipped with recycled batteries supplied by Mercedes, the robot designed by Mob-Energy recharges parked electric or hybrid vehicles without human intervention.

Mob-Energy (winner of the 2019 EDF Pulse start-up awards), specialist in charging solutions for electric vehicles, presents Charles, a perfectly autonomous robot, capable of coming to recharge, according to its needs, any car in a given space .

To launch Charles, Mob Energy has teamed up with Mercedes-Benz France, which notably provides it with whole packs of second-life batteries integrated into the robot. These internal batteries allow it to store several doses of energy, enough to be able to recharge up to three cars at each intervention.

To work, Charles does not require any particular arrangement. In practice, it recharges itself on a base installed on the site then connects to the cars requested in an automated way, by connecting to a connection module, available in the parking lot free of charge and to be connected to your car before leaving it. at rest. Each user makes his request from a mobile application and Charles then prioritizes his tour according to the requirements of each. Charles is designed to charge both cars (rechargeable hybrids or fully electric) and two-wheelers, as long as they use the same connection module.

Twenty loads per day


Each robot can intervene a priori on any vehicle located at the same level as him, within the limit of about twenty per day for the moment. Note that it is compatible with both normal and fast charging (50kW), again depending on the vehicle used. This autonomous and intelligent robot is now deployed in a few car parks dedicated to professional fleets or even car-sharing services.

Mercedes is not the only manufacturer to invest in innovative and practical charging solutions. Volkswagen has already presented a similar concept, but not yet publicly deployed. And, still with the aim of simplifying life but in a different genre, the car manufacturer Ford is testing a fully automated electric charging station solution, allowing you to recharge your vehicle without having to make the slightest effort. This is mainly aimed at drivers with disabilities or the elderly.

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