Charles, 41, was shot dead by police in Huy after brandishing a sword: “The police had no other choice …”

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It is hard to believe that such a drama could occur in the peaceful rue Paul Carré, in Huy, made up of small semi-detached workers’ houses. And yet …

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This Sunday, shortly before noon, the Huy police were warned that an individual was destroying vehicles parked along the sidewalk. For some unexplained reason, this inhabitant of the said street attacked two cars belonging to his neighbors, a white Nissan Juke and a black Mercedes Citan Tourer utility, whose windshield he smashed, in particular, with … a sword.

Two police officers were sent there, for a degradation of vehicles at the base, therefore. Many trinkets, no doubt thrown out the window, were also found on the road and the sidewalk. When the agents presented themselves to the man, he was said to have been very threatening and would have exhibited his sword or his saber.

>> “The police had no choice but to shoot”: Eric Dosogne, ff mayor of Huy, comment on these facts.

>> Several witnesses tell us about this terrible scene.

>> Charles, 41, was well known to justice.

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