Charles, 41, shot dead by the police in Huy: “He was armed with a sword, like that of Godefroy de Bouillon!”

“I saw the weapon on the ground”, tells us this witness who prefers to remain anonymous. “It was a sword, like those used by the Knights of the Templars. Or, if you prefer, like that of Godefroy de Bouillon, look on the Internet! A long steel sword, something very impressive that must have been 1 meter, hilt included ”.

According to the first observations, the two police officers who were on either side of the door, were surprised by the individual when he came out, sword in hand. The two policemen, who are described to us as experienced, only had time to step back in front of the madman who brandished his sword at them.

The investigation into the fatal shot (or shots) was entrusted to the PJF of Liège, “special affairs”. An investigation has been opened. The two police officers remain free. No doubt they will assert self-defense and / or the use of legitimate coercion.

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