Charlene of Monaco touches on the diplomatic incident in the meeting with Pope Francis: the error in the outfit

Charlene of Monaco this time she opted for black, but she fell on a notable detail. The Wittstock, for the‘meeting with Pope Francishe sported a look that did not go unnoticed and indeed he lent himself to interpretations of a possible message that the woman wanted to convey. Perhaps to Albert of Monaco? To give “scandal”, however, were the bare shoulders. The visit took place after the appointment of the year, the Red Cross gala, to which Charlene presented herself in a long and light blue dress.

In the Vatican, the couple walked the courtyard to visit the museums and private rooms of the Apostolic Palace in the courtyard of San Damaso while waiting for a meeting with Pope Francis for a private conversation.

It is not the first time that the two Monegasque royals are received by the pontiff. It had already happened in 2013 and 2016. The last time Charlene showed up with a white dress and veil on her hair, this time instead her outfit was read as mirror of the delicate moment he is going throughor. The long illness, the rumors about the crisis with Albert of Monaco: Charlene’s mood would not be exactly sky-high, and the choice of the black dress would underline precisely this.

The princess for the meeting with Pope Francis wore a black dress with a boat neckline and a lace veil to cover her head, around the neck a necklace with a wooden crucifix. As it was said though, Charlene would violated the strict dress code imposed by the pontifical see with the transparent top and bare shoulders. A a mistake that could have turned into a diplomatic incident.


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