Charlene of Monaco in danger of death: Prince Albert reacts to the terrible announcement …

Months that the health of Princess Charlene worries and the rumors become more and more devastating for her family. In a special interview with Paris Match, Prince Albert confided in Stéphane Bern on this very sensitive subject. While his wife makes a “therapeutic retreat”, abroad, for “to recover definitively“, he’s tired of hearing anything about his fate.

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Charlene does not have an incurable disease

Also, he explains that on his return from South Africa, his wife was “really exhausted“and that by mutual agreement they decided that she”had to get help “. And Page Six reported this week that she almost died while abroad, Albert of Monaco reassured: “Fortunately, the princess does not suffer from any serious or incurable illness“.

If their “couple is absolutely not in danger“, Charlene’s condition is not the consequence of a “cosmetic surgery operation”. Without betraying medical confidentiality, Albert II guarantees: “They were only dental problems, nasal septum and sinuses (…) only the ENT sphere was concerned”.

Need privacy during this “delicate period”

Very touched by the support of his loved ones during this “delicate period”, Albert of Monaco finally asked the media to respect the privacy of his family. Again he said: “Charlène needs calm, rest, tranquility and appeasement. Everyone needs to understand this. I say it kindly: leave her alone, leave us alone for a while“.

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