Charlene at the bottom: Divorce and the loss of children

The clouds over the fate of the closely watched couple have been gathering for a long time. But now the officially signed agreement is on the table. This includes financial compensation as well as an agreement that the children, Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques, remain in the care of Albert II. (64). After all, it was similar to the case when Charlene was in a medical condition.

Princess of Monaco at the 69th Red Cross Ball Gala

As a reminder, the Princess of Monaco traveled to South Africa last year, where she allegedly stayed due to a lingering infection. The stay lasted unplanned for several months. She did not stay long after returning to Monaco. After a few weeks, she went to rehab in a private clinic in Switzerland, where she remained for many weeks due to mental and physical exhaustion.

At the last public event, the distance of the couple was already noticeable, the princess since Albert II. she held on visibly and avoided any intimate expressions. How he will manage the distance from children is still an unanswered question.

Robbie Williams entertained the Prince of Monaco

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