Chano Charpentier worried with an alarming message: "I’ll tell you in case something happens to me"

This Saturday, in the most recent step of his return to music after a struggle with drugs, Chano Charpentier performed in front of 80,000 people at the City of La Plata. Hours before the successful show, however, the former so bionic alerted his fans with a worrying message on Twitter.

That’s how Chano broke it in the City of La Plata this Saturday!

“I am going through the end of an artistic cycle to move on to something I want more”Chano began in a Twitter thread. “But during this brief transition I have noticed some psychological violence and indirect threats accompanied by sarcasm and irony”the singer declared.

“So far everything is more than good. Some like your decisions better than others. And I bank the negligence or anger of others who do not think like mebecause I know that they are transient and random people”, Chano rescued, seeking to get rid of bad energy. However, his concern would be more serious than some negative messages on the networks.

Chano denounced threats against him.

“But 9 days ago a person who works with me told me: ‘Chano take care. they want to hurt you. They are doing something against you and the goal is to hurt you. These people are very dark‘…I never experienced anything like this. Maybe it’s nothing but I’ll tell you in case something happens to merecounted the former vocalist of so bionicworrying his more than 800 thousand followers.

Despite his anguish, Chano decided not to share any further details about the apparent threats against him. “What this person told me was already assumed by these dark people to whom she refers. I also have it identified… I hope it’s nothingthe singer finished his message.

Chano worried his followers with a Twitter thread.

Chano’s presentation in La Plata, on the occasion of the 140th anniversary of the city, was a success full of memorable moments. The same artist thanked the energy of the provincial spectators from his social networks, assuring that he was “A memory that I carry forever in my soul”. A small group of fans also took lifelong memories of the concert, which Chano closed taking off most of his clothes to give away to some lucky fans.

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