Channing Tatum’s most moving film “Dog: Wild Ride” premieres

Dogs are man’s best friend” is a phrase that has crossed borders to the point that, more than once, it was reflected in Hollywood movies, just as it has done channing tatum in his new creation. Dog, a wild ride is a wacky comedy that hits theaters tomorrow, June 23, and it’s not just an emotional and gripping story, it marks the actor’s debut as a director, screenwriter, and is also one of his best performances to date. moment.

Dog, a wild ride follows a classic Hollywood narrative model: a war veteran friend of a dog who served in the army at his side. However, this time, channing tatum He manages to give a touch of unparalleled freshness to the story by playing Jackson Briggs, an Army Ranger. While, next to her, her great co-star is Lulu, a dog who returned very affected by the war and her training to kill.

Jackson, the character of channing tatum he is an ex-soldier with more problems than he wants or can admit. Due to a serious illness, as a result of the war, he was removed from his activities, although for him a soldier never gives up and his only objective is to return to his work. However, Lulu crosses her path, the dog of her deceased best friend and whom no one can control, but he has only one mission: to help her, without knowing that she will help him by becoming her great friend. she.

And, although the animal is a great complement to this film since the training and indoctrination it has to be able to “act” is evident, the one who dazzles is channing tatum. The actor showed, in a single role, the worst and the best version of a defeated soldier, but with hope. With a humanistic side, he was able to capture pain and frustration, with a fluid journey of all his feelings, which the viewer can understand and with which he can perfectly understand.

But, there is also his loving side, the one that motivates him to keep going and the one that teaches him that there are bonds that are stronger than anything else. This is how he manages to give his character a realistic and unpompous side, especially when he realizes that Lulu is part of his life and the only one who helps him save himself. Just as he does with her, both becoming strange buddies that soften, give grace and fight against her own ghosts.

Namely, Dog, a wild ride, knows how to mix emotion, drama, love, but also comedy thanks to its unique script to which the actors have managed to give it the necessary dynamics so that it even seems real. The libretto has a depth in its dialogues that has rarely been seen in a story of this type. Likewise, there is also the fact that this feature film is nothing more than a road trip, but that it has the ingredients to succeed.

Although in some moments of the film the protagonists visit other scenarios, the main staging is Jackson Briggs’ truck, with which they tour the West Coast of the United States. And, very well done once again, this vehicle is the great provider of a relationship that makes this film something exciting. Without a doubt, Dog, a wild rideis a film worth enjoying, with joy, tears, love and many feelings ahead.

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