Change of plan: Laura Maria Rypa gives up her own apartment after all

Laura Maria Rypa (26) has changed her mind! She is currently expecting her first child with Pietro Lombardi (30). Despite the pregnancy, the influencer originally did not want to move in with her fiancé. In the meantime, she has decided to live with her loved one after all – but she still wanted to keep her own four walls as a retreat. now there Laura Maria but open her apartment all the way.

The apartment was actually intended to be used during Pietros being closer to their parents when they are away. “But then I’ll just go straight to my parents’ because we’ll also set up a nursery for the little one there.”told laura now however up Instagram. Therefore, it makes no sense to pay so much rent if you will be in the apartment so rarely: “That’s why I’m going to give up the apartment and now I’m gradually clearing everything out.”

Also have laura originally want to use their old apartment as an office where they can produce their content – but that’s not worth it either. Instead, they will look for something new: “I have an appointment tomorrow to rent an office”reported the soon-mama.

Instagram / lauramaria.rpa

Pietro Lombardi and his girlfriend Laura Maria Rypa

Instagram / lauramaria.rpa

Laura Maria Rypa, influencer

Instagram / pietrolombardi

Pietro Lombardi and Laura Maria Rypa, June 2022

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