change in size of birds

Most of the changes in climate change are being seen in birds.

Most of the changes in climate change are being seen in birds. For example, the Australian parrot’s beak has increased by 10 percent since 1871. As the effect of climate change is increasing, the heat of the earth is increasing. It is also affecting the animals, especially the birds.

Deakin University says that in the research done so far, it has been proved that due to climate change, animals are changing their shape. There has been an increase of up to 10 percent in some part of their body. According to researcher Sarah Ryding, ‘The effects of climate change are being discussed for a long time. Discussions are going on regarding the effect on animals. Questions are being raised whether humans will be able to recover from the effects of climate change? What can be done to address the ill effects of climate change? Any technology can solve this?

Research has shown that animals are making changes in their bodies to deal with the effects of climate change. However, there are many creatures who are not able to change themselves accordingly. Sarah Ryding says, “We gathered information, statistics and studies from around the world. Many studies were analyzed and tried to know how different species are being affected due to climate change. Research has revealed that from Australian parrots to Chinese bats and from pigs to rabbits, there is evidence that they are modifying their bodies to cope with climate change.

Most of the changes are being seen in the birds. For example, up to 10 percent increase has been seen in the beak of the Australian parrot since 1871. Various studies about migratory birds from 1978 to 2016 were analyzed and found that their body size has decreased and wingspan has increased. According to recent research from the University of Michigan in the US, due to climate change, the body of birds is shrinking and feathers are increasing. Research on 70,716 migratory birds of 52 species of North America has revealed many surprising things.

Researchers say that the length of the species of birds collected from 1978 to 2016 was measured. The standard of their length is the leg bone. The length of the legs of birds has decreased by 2.4 percent and the length of the wings has increased by 1.3 percent. According to research, the body size is shrinking and the size of the wings is increasing due to increase in temperature.

In a recent research report by international scientists, climate change has been cited as one of the reasons for the decline in the number of sharks and ray fish. 40 percent of the shark and ray fish population is said to be on the verge of extinction. This is because of climate change and overfishing. For eight years of research on fish, it has come to the fore that in the year 2014, the risk of their extinction was 24 percent, which has now doubled. Researchers say that climate change is increasing the problem for such fish. Due to this not only there is a decrease in the environment for their desired habitat, but the sea temperature is also increasing.

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