Chanchi Estevez, from "The Hotel of the Famous"revealed that he had an affair with Silvina Luna: "It was…"

Sabrina Carballo and Chanchi Estevez they had a romantic relationship before entering “The Hotel of the Famous”. However, the former Racing player would have been with another woman from the El Trece reality show.

“Who were you with, apart from Sabrina, before the reality show?”Karina Iavícoli asked Estévez during her time at “Socios del Espectaculo”.

The panelists gave Silvina’s name and he replied: “You are right. The thing is, it was a long time ago that I don’t remember. It’s not good for me to tell“.

Chanchi Estévez in “The Hotel of the Famous”

“It was a long time ago, it was during my time as a footballer“, he added. Adrian Pallares clarified that he was one of the most sought-after leading men in sports in the 2000s, while she was one of the prettiest girls in Argentina, and had dated several River players.

“It was before he went out with Sabrina,” Chanchi closed.

The video of Chanchi Estévez admitting that he dated Silvina Luna

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