Chanchi Estévez could leave "The Hotel of the Famous": the motives

“The hotel of the famous” is getting more and more spicy. As time goes by in the complex of reedsthe participants begin to have less patience with each other and the friction begins to be noticed.

One of the most questioned participants is the Chanchi Estévez. From the small screen he is seen as the “thug” of the group. According to what he reported the Pavada from Daily ChroniclefIt was his own family who informed him of what they are broadcasting on El Trece.

As it is not a very common reality show, the contestants can receive visits from their families once a week. It is for this reason that el Chanchi Estévez found out what is happening outside the program.

El Chanchi Estévez in his wedding with Sabrina Carballo in “The hotel of the famous”.

After this, Sabrina Carballo’s partner wants to leave the format led by Pampita and Chino Leunis. At the moment, the player “The hotel of the famous” He did not say anything on camera but it may happen soon.

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