Chamber, the “anti-pm hawk” Enrico Costa heads the Authorization Committee: the father of the gag decree was unanimously elected

Action deputy Henry Costa was unanimously elected (18 votes out of 18) the new president of Commission for permits of the Chamber, the body that decides in the first instance on the requests of prosecutors and investigating judges to carry out some investigative documents (searches, arrests, wiretaps) against the honorable Members, as well as on the appeals of the Honorable Members themselves who believe their immunity has been violated (such as Matteo Renzi in the Open case). Since this is a guarantee commission, the office of president belongs to an opposition deputy. Costa, former Deputy Minister of Justice and Minister of Regional Affairs and Autonomy, is known for his positions hyperguaranteed and criticism of the judiciary: it was thanks to her amendment to the European delegation law that the former minister Cartabia launched the highly criticized legislative decree on presumption of innocence which imposes very heavy limits on the communication of the judicial authorities.

“Good job to Enrico Costa, elected president of the Committee for authorizations of the Chamber of Deputies. With her competence and its sense of institutionswill be able to work with autonomy and respect for all constitutional prerogatives”, he celebrates Matthew Richetti, group leader of Azione-Italia viva in the Chamber. The group leader in the Senate echoes him Raffaella Paita: “Congratulations to Enrico Costa, elected president of the Council for the authorizations of the Chamber of Deputies: his experience and legal culture will be invaluable for the work of such a delicate and important body for democracy”.

The president of the Junta for the elections will also be chosen shortly, responsible for verifying the qualifications of the elected and in terms of ineligibility and incompatibility. The name on the pole is that of Frederick Fornaro (Alliance Greens and the Left). Yesterday the former minister and former secretary of the Democratic Party was elected as head of the Senate elections and immunities committee (which encompasses the responsibilities of both bodies of the Chamber) Dario Franceschini. Next week, however, it will be the turn of the two most important guarantee commissions: the Copasir (Parliamentary Committee for the Security of the Republic) and the Rai Supervisory Commission. It is no mystery that Matteo Renzi aims to pass the name of Maria Elena Boschirelying on the votes of the majority.

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