Chainsaw Man: what time and how to watch episode 6


Chainsaw Man is preparing to launch a new episode and here we will tell you everything you need to know before watching it. Check out a summary of the previous chapter and its premiere time!

Chainsaw Man: what time and how to watch episode 6.
© mappaChainsaw Man: what time and how to watch episode 6.

In the final stretch of the year, Chainsaw Man It has captured the attention of the anime faithful and fans of the manga created by Tatsuki Fujimoto. The screen adaptation was one of the most anticipated in the industry in recent years and the results are visible, with the interactions generated on social networks, added to the positive comments. The story will continue in episode 6 and we will remember what happened in the previous one.

Denji seems to have gone through the worst after being on the verge of death against the Demon of Leeches and is in a new stage of his life. For this he needed Power, who let her breasts be groped by helping her get her cat back. It was a longing for the young man, but after achieving it he feels an emptiness to the point of considering giving up being a demon hunter.

Back to the Devil Hunters headquarters, Makima meets with Denji to entrust him with a dangerous mission: to search for and assassinate the Firearms Demon and in return he would grant any kind of wish. It is about a threat that generated a mass murder in the United States, leaving 1,200,000 people in just 5 minutes. There we discovered that one of those affected was aki hayawakasince he lost his entire family.

Thanks to the meat of this demon, six members of the 4th Anti-Demon Special Section went after him. With a double motivation, Denji He enters the building to search for the demon along with his companions. However, the situation changes completely when something strange happens: while going up or down the stairs, they always find themselves on the same floor. Soon it will be seen how it continues.

+Where to watch Chainsaw Man episode 6

episode 6 of Chainsaw Man It will premiere this Tuesday, November 15 and can be seen in Latin America through the Crunchyroll streaming service., although only for those who are Premium users. Otherwise, it will be available a week later for free.

+What time does episode 6 of Chainsaw Man come out

Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Guatemala: 10:00 hours (10 AM)
Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Panama and Ecuador: 11:00 a.m. (11 a.m.)
Venezuela, Bolivia and Puerto Rico: 12:00 pm (12 PM)
Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Brazil and Uruguay: 1:00 p.m. (01:00 p.m.)

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