Chainsaw Man: the incredible cosplay of Aki Hayakawa that went viral


Chainsaw Man is the anime of the moment and cosplayers don’t want to be left behind. For this reason, a user carried out a recreation that exploded on the networks.

Chainsaw Man: Aki Hayakawa's amazing cosplay that went viral.
© mappaChainsaw Man: Aki Hayakawa’s amazing cosplay that went viral.

Chainsaw Man It currently remains one of the most outstanding anime series and is demonstrated week by week with each episode broadcast through the Crunchyroll streaming service. Its plot introduces us to Denji, who transforms into a chainsaw demon after his pet Pochita became his heart. To help him on this path, he must go to the Devil Hunters headquarters, where we find Aki Hayakawa. To honor this character, a tiktoker made a cosplay that he is causing people to talk about on the networks.

here He is a Devil Hunter from the Department of Public Security and works for Makima’s special squad. He has a very particular personality, since he is calm, of few words, but he is direct and has already shown in the animation program that he has great power. With the passing of the chapters, the character will take on greater importance and is one of the public’s favorites.

+The incredible cosplay of Aki Hayakawa

In the last few hours, a cosplay of hayakawa, following a video posted by the tiktoker called @huijandong. In the post in question, he is shown teasing himself and imitating Aki’s hairstyle, but then he develops the ability to summon the Fox Devil, since it is one of the devilish contracts he has made. Look at the video!

On Twitter, the video was published by a fan account of the program and has received more than 220,000 likes in just over a day. Not only is it a material that has spent a great deal of time editing it, but it also came at the right time. In episode 4 of the anime, we see here performing this maneuver to rescue Denji of the Demon of Leeches.

In addition to Fox Devilthe demon hunter has a contract with three more: Curse Devilsummoning a sword by saying “Fire”; Future Devil, managing to eat a part of the demons; Y Control Devil. On the other hand, he is a consecrated swordsman and carries his weapon everywhere, since for him it may be the only thing necessary when defeating threats.

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