Chainsaw Man Shows How Boruto Could Have Been the Ideal Continuation of Naruto

The sequel to Naruto, Boruto, is quite divisive among fans. Unfortunately, many consider that the story did not continue as it should have and Chainsaw Man shows a better path that the sequel could have taken.

Boruto’s manga and anime are improving. However, with Crunchyroll scoring another hit thanks to Chainsaw Man, anime fans are diving into more of Denji’s adventures while keeping him a demon inside – similar to Naruto and Kurama.

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The template has been set regarding what the Naruto franchise should focus on, which could easily plot better adventures than Boruto’s team in Konoha.

In Naruto, Kurama, the Nine-Tailed Fox, was placed in baby Naruto by his parents, making him the ultimate jinchūriki.

Only he had the power to contain the beast, and over time, they became friends. Such was the depth of Naruto’s heart that he would later harbor the other eight tailed beasts as part of the war against Kaguya, who wanted all of Earth’s chakra back in a move that would basically kill them all.

Denji is taking a subverted path related to this concept in Chainsaw Man, as fans are noticing his bond with Pochita. But the demon dog is the one pushing for unity, saving Denji from death so he can become a weapon and earn money.

Though her soul is trapped in Denji, Pochita is getting happiness by living vicariously through him. And while they team up, Denji takes a scarier and more violent path as a bloodthirsty demon slayer than Naruto.

Naruto sequel should have gone another way

Naruto can create a spinoff by diving into the past, detailing how other jinchūriki operated in a bloody and intimidating light. After all, they were weapons of mass destruction with immense power.

But beyond their destructive force and how they became mercenaries or assassins, a spinoff could further expand the titles themselves. Not everyone had that camaraderie and dynamic that Naruto and Kurama had, as seen with Killer B and Gyūki.

Over time, the beasts – aside from Gyūki – were released and sent into the wilds after Kaguya’s downfall, with others such as Shukaku being protected. That means a series could also focus on the present day where they’re being hunted again by Akatsuki-like groups or where there’s a selection of new Vessels.

It would be a safer way, as the chakra beings would be protected by heroic shinobi experts like Naruto.

In any case, there are many ways in which the Naruto universe can be expanded, it doesn’t need to be a direct continuation in fact.

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