cg khadya | CG Ration Card List @ 2021

CG Ration Card List | cg khadya @ 2021 apl bpl district wise chhattisgarh cg khadya ration card list pdf download khadya cg khadya ration card cg online corepds cg rashan card list cg fcs cgfsa

One for all persons residing in @ chhattisgarh And great news is coming out. dear friends if you chhattisgarh If you are a resident of India, then we are going to tell you here. that how you ration card by downloading and printing your cg khadya ration card all related can solve problems |

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Here we will help you to solve all the problems related to cg khadya ration card. will teach and at the same time you cg khadya chhattisgarh issued by the government chhattisgarh ration card List how to see And how you have to find your name in it. Its process is also going to be told here.

cg Khadya | CG Ration Card List important information

article name cg Khadya | Chhattisgarh ration card
scheme name cg cg khadya ration card / chhattisgarh ration card
issues a plan Food Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection Department chhattisgarh
beneficiary All residents of chhattisgarh
State chhattisgarh
View cg khadya ration card list Click here
official website Click here

cg khadya @ 2021

As you know if you chhattisgarh ration card If you want to see it, then you have to go to your Gram Panchayat for this. Or one has to make frequent rounds of ration distribution or village panchayats.
Sometimes you have to spend money by going to computer shops and even after that you can name your name. cg khadya ration card List I can’t see properly. Because of this, we are going to tell you such a process here. So that you can easily sit at home with the help of your mobile or computer. chhattisgarh ration card List can be seen online only.

CG Ration Card List You must have a mobile or computer and internet facility to watch. So if you have this facility available. So you must read the information given below completely. After reading you can easily cg khadya ration card You will automatically learn to see your name in the list and take advantage of all services like cg khadya ration card.

Check your name online in chhattisgarh cg khadya ration card list

chhattisgarh government cg  ration card List To view you have to follow the following procedure.

  • chhattisgarh सरकार chhattisgarh ration card List you first to see chhattisgarh ration card of the department Official website go to |
  • After successfully opening the website, the page shown below will appear in front of you.
  • Now in public report here chhattisgarh ration card List Viewing options will appear here by selecting the following options cg khadya ration card List can see
  1. APL PDF Details For Panchayat Ward (Panchayat Wise).
  2. being built APL cg khadya ration card Information up to the number of (Store wise)
  3. Acknowledgment flood for BPL PDF distribution (Panchayat wise).
  4. chhattisgarh ration card Progress Report of Renewal (Ward Panchayat Wise).
  • As soon as you select any of these options, the page shown below will open in front of you.


  • Now here you have to first select the following options.
  1. First of all select your district.
  2. Select Urban and Rural.
  3. Select the urban body development block.
  • Select Ward Gram Panchayat After you have selected all the information, click above to see the information.
  • As soon as you click on it, in front of you chhattisgarh card The details of the list will come out as shown below.


CG Ration Card List Gram / Ward wise information

Village Bar chhattisgarh ration card List To view you have to follow the following procedure.

  • Village Bar chhattisgarh ration card List first to see Official website go to |
  • Village wise after successfully opening the website CG List का Select|
  • village wise chhattisgarh ration card After selecting, you fill your information here accordingly.
  • After filling all the information click on the search button.
  • After clicking here you will get the complete chhattisgarh ration card will appear.
  • In this way you can go from here to village bar chhattisgarh ration card can see

You can get the following information through chhattisgarh ration card department

Documents required for making a new cg khadya ration card?

government’s new cg chhattisgarh ration card For making you will need the following documents whose details are mentioned below.

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  • Aadhar Card
  • Identity card
  • Voter id card
  • Electricity bill
  • Income certificate
  • Pan card etc.
  • Passport size photo

cg Khadya ration card apply | Chhattisgarh new ration card application process :-

To make a new ration card in the state of Chhattisgarh, you have to visit the official center issued by the food department of Chhattisgarh state. cg Khadya Ration card To get the ration card made, you have to submit your necessary documents by visiting any nearest CSC Common Service Center, where you have to get your application form from Common Service Center and fill all your information in that application form. Aadhar cards of all family members have to be linked with it, in the application form, you have to fill the information of the head of the family, after linking all the documents with the application, you have to apply online at the nearest Common Service Center.

If you don’t know we New cg Khadya Ration card How the Common Service Center will be lost to get it built, then let us tell you that the facility of Common Service Center has been provided in your Panchayat Ghar or Secretariat, once you go to your Secretariat, you must contact the Secretariat, the paperwork is done and your The work of the Department of Fertilizers is also done from the Gram Panchayat and your documents are also verified from there.

As soon as you have applied for a new ration card from the Common Service Center or Secretariat, after that you have to wait for 10 to 15 days, in 10 to 15 days your ration card application form is verified by the Department of Fertilizers Yours Chhattisgarh ration card you get

Some important links related to chhattisgarh ration card list

CG chhattisgarh by government chhattisgarh ration card For suggestions for any problem in the department, you can get the solution of your problem by clicking on the following link.

Dear friends, hope you have understood the information about all these here. ,,cgkhadya,khadya cg,khadya,,cg khadya ration card cg,khadya cg nic,cg khadya vibhag,

Contact Chhattisgarh government fertilizer department

Food Civil Supplies & Consumers
Protection Department,
Block 2, 3rd Floor, Indravati Bhawan,
Atal Nagar (CG)
Phone: 0771-2511974
Fax: 0711-2510820
E-mail: [email protected]

Dear friends, before commenting, note here that this is not an official website, here you do not share your information with your registered mobile number, bank account etc., by this you can become a victim of fraud.


Who can check ration card list of Chhattisgarh government?

All Chhattisgarh citizens can check their ration card list online.

Is any user id and password required to view ration card list?

No, no user id and password is required to view ration card list online.

Can ration card list be viewed online through mobile?

Yes, if you have a mobile phone in which internet service is available, you can see the ration card list online.

What to do if your name is not in the Chhattisgarh government ration card list.

If your name is not found in Chhattisgarh ration card list then you can apply online for ration card after 15 days your name will be added in ration card list.

What to do if the name does not appear after applying online in the ration card?

If even after applying online, your name does not appear in the ration card list within 15 days, then you can contact the ration card department for this.

What to do if the name in the ration card list is wrong?

If your name is found wrong in the ration card list, then you can contact the Chhattisgarh Fertilizer Department for this.

Can Chhattisgarh government check ration card list online?

Yes! Chhattisgarh government ration card list can be easily seen online.

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