Český Vinnetou Stanislav Fišer († 90): Before his death, he considered marriage

They met in 1984 at the ABC club. It was only after six years of acquaintance that Mrs. Antonie moved to his house on Rašín’s embankment to Standa. “He was a tolerant partner and I was also equipped like this. It was mutual respect and a willingness to listen to each other, even though we were both from a different industry. He is a well-known actor, a drummer, later also a painter, and I was a civilian, as non-actors are called in the acting industry, “Mrs. Hemerková recalled.

Stanislav Fišer celebrates 90! Why do they live near the hospital and the cemetery?

Not one of them rushed to the wedding from the beginning of their relationship. “We only thought about it when Standa fell ill, when there were problems handling some things like a mate. It was solved with the help of lawyers and a power of attorney to represent each other, “added Antonie Hemerková, who now cannot imagine life without her beloved Standy.

Stanislav Fišer († 90): Laryngeal cancer, loss of voice and suicidal thoughts

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