Cesara Buonamici, marriage with Joshua Kalman in Fiesole. VIP guests

Fiesole (Florence), May 14, 2022 – Marriage to Fiesole for the face of Tg5, Cesara Buonamici who married on a sunny Saturday, in a civil ceremony, her lifelong companion, Joshua Kalman. To officiate the civil ceremony the mayor of Fiesole Anna Ravoni. The mayor is a friend of the couple and, with the tricolor sash, in one of the halls of the town hall, he united the host and the doctor in marriage. The bride in a white suit and the groom in a blue suit chose Fiesole because “this is it the right place for our wedding“, said the same reporter shortly after the” yes “.

A moment of marriage (Photo from Twitter, Clemente Mimun)
A moment of marriage (Photo from Twitter, Clemente Mimun)

Photos of the ceremony

Who is Cesara Buonamici, the card

The ceremony, which ended in the early afternoon in Fiesole, the hometown of the Tg5 journalist, where the Buonamici family company that produces olive oil is also based, was attended, among others, by the director of Tg5 , Clemente MimunPrince Emanuele Filibertothe coach Cesare Prandellithe Florentine entrepreneur Mario Luca Giustithe general Leonardo Tricarico and the photographer Massimo Sestini.

For the ‘real’ party we will have to wait for Wednesday, when, a Romethe reception for a hundred guests will be held at the Borromini Terrace.

The couple have been together for 24 years. Joshua Kalman is an Israeli-born doctor.

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