Céline’s incredible discovery in Liège: a real treasure was hiding behind her fridge, “we just wanted to renovate and we found them!” (video)

The Belgian State Archives describe Celine’s discovery as “exceptional”. And for good reason ! By wanting to renovate the wall of her kitchen, the Liégeoise found a real historical treasure. Letters from members of the resistance dating from the Second World War were indeed hiding behind her fridge, she explains to RTL-Info.

Celine comments on the facts. “It’s surprising, we don’t expect it at all. We just wanted to renovate and we find documents… It’s true that the house dates from 1900, but we didn’t think there were this kind of documents hidden here (…) The characters, in the documents, give each other code names such as “The Falcon” or “The Pheasant”. It’s quite challenging, but it’s part of our history, ”she explains to our colleagues.

The Liégeoise and her dad plan to do new renovations in their home. They could therefore come across new letters.

From what we know, those that were buried in the wall of their kitchen were addressed to a certain Guillaume Dallemand. According to Bernard Wilkin of the State Archives, he is a former resistance attorney general who died more than six decades ago.

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