Celine Dion: why she didn’t like the song from Titanic?

If Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” is a global hit and participated in the success of James Cameron’s film “Titanic”, things were rather badly off since the singer did not want the title. We explain this crazy story to you.

Celine Dion still very present

In the movie Aline, freely inspired by the life of Celine Dion, Valérie Lemercier pays a vibrant tribute to the superstar of the song (see our review of Aline). To his impressive career of course, but above all to the woman behind the star. One of the pivotal moments in the singer’s personal and professional life is when she had to stop totally to speak to preserve his damaged vocal cords.

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Valérie Lemercier is Celine Dion in Aline © Gaumont Films

To communicate with those close to her, she therefore had to write on scraps of paper. In the film this period is approached and, to illustrate it, we see her writing on a piece of paper “I don’t like that” when her husband and manager René Angelil makes him listen to a model of My Heart Will Go On, the flagship song of Titanic. If the scene did not unfold like this in real life, Celine Dion actually did not like the song. And didn’t want to sing it.

My Heart Will Go On : l’incroyable histoire

It is impossible today to imagine Titanic without the song My Heart Will Go On which increases the emotion of James Cameron’s masterpiece. Yet this little miracle almost did not happen.

Indeed, neither Celine Dion, nor James Cameron liked the song. The latter did not want a pop song to close the film. On the singer’s side, she just didn’t like the song. She even hated her, as she had told Billboard magazine in 2017. It was René Angelil who convinced her to record a model.

I said to myself go ahead and record the model and get the hell out of there

Celine Dion thought to herself.

It must be said that the first time that the latter heard the song, it was not in the best conditions. Indeed, it was the composer James Horner (who died in 2015) who played the song for him. or the piano in a suite at Caesars Palace, and it hadn’t gone very well.

I was in a suite and he started playing the song. And with all due respect for him (…) he was not the best singer. I was making signs to indicate that it was not possible. René stopped him by saying “James stop, you’re not doing the song justice, we’re going to make a deal with you: let Celine record a demo”. I wanted to strangle my husband at that time. Because I didn’t want to do it! I was coming out of a very good period, I did not see the point of going to break my nose with that.

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Celine Dion had confided.

During the recording of the demo, things did not go in the best way either, as the singer explained:

I was furious. I didn’t feel well (…) and then James explains to me what the movie is about and just tells me to do it. I was like “yeah alright come on thank you”.

Celine Dion made only one take, and she was so perfect that she didn’t have to do any more. James Horner mixed it, and James Cameron heard the track for the first time at a screening. He found that he gave resonance to his film.

Global success

My Heart Will Go On is still Celine Dion’s biggest success to this day. It is one of the best-selling singles in the history of the record with 18 million copies sold. Thanks to this title, the singer won an Oscar, a Golden Globe, and four Grammy Awards.

I am very grateful to René for convincing me to sing this song

Celine Dion said.

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