celebrity weight loss plans: Celebrity Fitness: Katrina or Sara… These Bollywood stars’ favorite workouts to lose weight in a pinch

There is always pressure on celebrities to perform well. Be it acting, music or dancing. People’s eyes are fixed on him in every field. Due to their tight schedule and long working hours, they need to stay physically fit the most. Needless to say, how much a celebrity sweats in the gym to be visible on screen.

There are many of these, who have started following special fitness programs and training styles to stay fit. Actually, Bollywood celebrities often do such workouts, so that they take very little time to lose weight and maintain fitness. If you also want to lose weight very quickly like these celebs, then you have to follow 5 types of workouts mentioned here.

From Katrina to Alia Bhatt and Malaika are crazy about Pilates

There is nothing better than Pilates to reduce belly fat and have strong and attractive muscles. It is a physical exercise done to stay fit. You can perform this at home as well as in the gym. Along with bringing the hips in shape, it makes the body flexible. This is why Pilates is a part of the fitness routine of Bollywood actresses.

At times, the entire Bollywood brigade has been seen doing Pilates along with Katrina Kaif, Alia Bhatt, Kareena Kapoor, Malaika Arora and Jhanvi Kapoor. Even Sara Ali Khan gives full credit for weight loss to Pilates. Not only Bollywood, Hollywood star Kate Hudson also reduced her increased weight with the help of this workout. Let us tell you that Pilates is one of the best exercises for ladies.

Sara does interval training for rapid weight loss


High-intensity workouts are often effective. That too when you want to increase metabolism or tone muscles. For these reasons, Bollywood celebrities like to do this workout. Especially Sara Ali Khan did high intensity interval training workouts during the lockdown. It helps in reducing body weight fast. If you wish to lose weight in a short amount of time, interval training may be the best option.

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Shilpa Shetty-Kareena do great yoga


Yoga is a good way to keep the mind and body fit. It not only strengthens the muscles, but also makes the body fit. Doing yoga helps a lot in reducing the extra fat present in the body. Asanas like Padahastasana, Parvatasana and Marjari stretch the back, muscles and shoulders firmly.

If done regularly, the chances of improving digestion and blood circulation increase. Well, what can be a better example than Bollywood celebrity Shilpa Shetty. At this age, she does yoga regularly, keeping herself fit and understanding the importance of a healthy life.

Boxing is the favorite of male actors


Few Bollywood stars are involved in boxing. These include names like Sara Ali Khan, Farhan Akhtar, Kunal Khemu, Vidyut Jammwal, Tiger Shroff. For Farhan Akhtar, boxing has been a part of his training since the beginning, while Armaan Ralhan is a star who specializes in mixed martial arts, boxing and weight training.

Whereas Tiger Shroff’s name is taken at the top in terms of fitness and workout. This exercise not only helps in improving the shape of the arms but also in developing the core muscles.

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Milind Somen-Anil Kapoor do running


When it comes to shedding extra kilos fast, nothing can be better than running to stay fit. Running, especially early in the morning, keeps your overall health and immune system in good shape. It cannot be denied that running helps you to increase your productivity throughout the day. Not only does it increase your alertness, but it is also great for improving mental health.

Due to this, the person looks young even after getting old. Looking at Bollywood actors Milind Somen and Anil Kapoor, it is not difficult to guess this. Running is a part of the fitness routine of both these actors, which they never skip even if they want to. This is the secret of his fit body.

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The 5 types of workouts mentioned here are very important not only to lose weight, but also to keep you completely fit. Like Bollywood stars, you too can keep yourself healthy by making these exercises a part of your daily routine.

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