"celebrity penances"-Turtelei: That became Ennesto and Gisele

Did the two become a couple? Ennesto Monté (47) and Gisele Oppermann (34) are currently facing their sins from the past in The Big Celebrity Penance. But aside from all the excitement surrounding their missteps on past shows, the two seem to have had a spark. They snuggled together and literally gushed over each other. But what happened to the reality TV stars after filming?

in the celebrity flash-Interview chatted Ennesto now out of the sewing box. “We are in contact, of course,” the celebrity made clear under the palm star. However, the 47-year-old kept to himself whether there was more than just friendship between the two. Nevertheless, he fondly remembers the weeks we spent together in the camp. “With Gisele I just had a great time, great conversations. She enjoyed having someone in me she could rely on 100 percent.”he revealed. Gisele I had a hard time at that time, he explained. “If she needed my shoulder, I was there for her.”

Next to Gisele but was also an ex of Ennesto in the warehouse: Helena Fürst (48). “Meeting Helena there was nothing special for me, I’ve done with it long ago. I treated her with a lot of respect, as did everyone else.”, he reported on the clash. Nevertheless, it always depends on the person whether he can still have respect at the end of the day.

ProSieben/Nikola Milatovic

Gisele Oppermann, “The Big Celebrity Penance” candidate

Instagram / ennesto.official

Ennesto Monte, June 2022
Helena Fürst in June 2020

Do you think there is more than friendship between Ennesto Monté and Gisele Oppermann?

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