"celebrity penances"-Shock: Elena Miras experienced domestic violence

Nobody would have expected that. In The Big Celebrity Penance, eleven stars face their dark past. In the round of shame, Olivia Jones (52) confronts the celebrities about their offenses from previous shows. Among other things, Carina Spack (26) and Calvin Kleinen (30) had to face their crimes. The reality TV star in particular was criticized for his medieval image of women. In the current episode, it was time for Elena Miras (30) to deal with her behavior – the influencer made a revelation that came as a surprise to everyone.

Olivia showed the former Love Island contestant headlines that appeared in the newspaper after broadcasts about her. Then the mother of a son had to read out quotes that she had once said – the word “disabled” was used quite often in this context. That went Elena very close – she started to cry. “Help us understand where these words come from. You are so angry.”hooked Olivia after.

Then revealed Elena a shocking story: “I was in a relationship for seven years where I was treated like dirt. I’ve been cheated, I’ve been beaten. I was humiliated. I got locked up. Anything a woman doesn’t want was done to me.”, reported the influencer in tears. Then she broke up: “I swore after that day that I would never let anyone hurt me. That’s how the whole thing came about.” It is unclear who the mother of a daughter is alluding to here.

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Calvin Kleinen, “The Great Celebrity Atonement” contestant
Elena Miras, influencer
Elena Miras, influencer

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