"celebrity penances": Does Calvin Klein glorify rape?

Calvin Kleinen (30) is talking head and neck. The reality TV participant is considered an absolute TV Casanova. Not only did he attend Temptation Island and Temptation Island VIP, but he also consistently made headlines with his womanizing stories. In The Big Celebrity Penance, Olivia Jones (52) confronts him in the “round of shame” that he treats women disrespectfully and reduces them to their appearance. In conversation with Olivia made Calvin then a statement that many viewers had to swallow.

Olivia showed Calvin in the “round of shame” recordings, for example how he dealt with Emmy Russ (23) with celebrities under palm trees. Even with “The Big Celebrity Penance”, for example, he kept making comments about the breasts of the candidates. “You have such a strange Stone Age image of women”criticized Olivia. Yet Calvin went one better: In his opinion, women are even to blame if they are reduced to just their appearance and, for example, unintentionally get dick pics if they present themselves freely.

“You know it’s very close to, ‘It’s her own fault she’s being raped, why is she wearing skirts that short?'”threw Olivia a. Calvin according to them, however, one cannot compare them. As penance, the rapper has to do laundry for the girls. After talking to Olivia worked Calvin visibly taken away. “I’ll definitely be careful about my choice of words in the future,” he said.

ProSieben / Nikola Milatovic

The candidates of “The Big Celebrity Penance”

ProSieben/Nikola Milatovic

Olivia Jones on “The Great Celebrity Penance”
Calvin Kleinen, #CoupleChallenge nominee 2022

Do you think Calvin glorified rape with his testimony?

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