Celebrity Hunted – Manhunt 3 – fun and adrenaline for new contestants

Celebrity Hunted – Manhunt 3 arrives on Prime Video, the new season of the entertaining reality thriller which this year too will see 9 competitors from the world of entertainment on the run. We had the competitors of this edition tell us about it: Luca Argentero, Cristina Marino, Salvatore Esposito, Marco D’Amore, Katia Follesa, Ciro Priello, Fabio Balsamo, Rkomi and Irama.

It comes up Prime Videos from 17 November 2022 (with the first three episodes and 24 with the remaining ones) Celebrity Hunted – Manhunt 3, the third season of the reality thriller produced by Endemol Shine Italy which sees 9 contestants belonging to the entertainment world flee from a team of expert hunters constantly on their trail. In fact, a team of investigators and IT experts will be able to use any legal means to try to track down the fugitives: telephone tracing, video surveillance cameras, license plate recognition systems and anything that can help them follow the characters that this year have lent themselves to this particular, but certainly fun, experience.

Prime Video Ch3 Cast Photocall

Celebrity Hunted – Manhunt 3: the contestants at the photocall

Four couples and a single, in the best tradition of Celebrity Hunted: Luca Argentero and Cristina Marino, Salvatore Esposito and Marco D’Amore, Katia Follesa, Ciro Priello and Fabio Balsamo, Rkomi and Irama wandered around the peninsula with their backpacks trying not to get caught, using disguises and with the help of some friend. We attended the presentation conference of the series where all the contestants recounted their adventure in the programme, which each faced in their own way and according to their own strategy and creativity.

The Jackal on the run

3 Fabio Balsamo Ch3

Celebrity Hunted – Manhunt 3: Fabio Balsamo in a promotional photo

The Jackal also conquer Celebrity Hunted. Ciro Priello and Fabio Balsamo they also brought their incredible sympathy to the Prime Video program, this time in the form of an unlikely couple on the run. In fact, the duo said, ironically, that their intent was not only to not get caught by hunters, but also to try various specialties along the stages of their journey: “A culinary journey in Italy, this represented our various stops. We wanted to tell our friendship by truly demonstrating who leads this group.” Fabio then added: “In this programme, there is a long-distance effort: taking Ciro with you and all the rest.” And referring to the experience in LOL, another Prime Video format, the comedian underlined an interesting aspect: “LOL it’s a more immediate effort, and if you don’t make anyone in that room laugh you go home very sad.”

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Salvatore Esposito and Marco D’Amore, the couple from Gomorrah together again

1 Salvatore Esposito Ch3

Celebrity Hunted – Manhunt 3: a photo of Ciro Esposito

Another couple in the race that promises well is that of Salvatore Esposito and Marco D’Amore. The two actors, after the experience in Gomorrah, they get back together to embark on a fun and unusual adventure. And their approach to the escape seems to have been unusual: the two in fact chose to dialogue in some way with the investigators, leaving very particular clues in their path, Marco D’Amore told it:“We told ourselves to find a cinematographic reference and, imagining seven possible stages, we attributed a capital flaw to each one, launching a challenge to whoever was behind it.” Speaking then of the friendship that binds them, D’Amore said: “How many sides did Esposito come up with. For him it wasn’t a game, it was reality, he woke up at night hearing a noise, fearing it was hunters.”

Luca Argentero and Cristina Marino, honeymoon

3 Luca Argentero Ch3

Celebrity Hunted – Manhunt 3: Luca Argentero in a photo

Luca Argentero and Cristina Marino they are a couple even in reality, new parents have decided to take this experience almost like a honeymoon but without giving up the competition. Cristina Marino recounted their journey as follows: “Couples that don’t quarrel are boring, it’s normal for there to be different points of view, especially in this experience. He’s the rational and polite part, I’m more gutsy and instinctive but we compensate for each other. Sometimes you forget that you they’re following, so I’m very happy that the audience can see Luca just as he is in the day-to-day.” Argentero also expressed his point of view on this couple experience: “Cristina treated me like ballast. She thrives on a tremendous spirit of competition, she was projected towards the only possible outcome: victory. Instead, I lived it all as a game.”

Rkomi and Irama, escape for fun

2 Rkomi Ch3

Celebrity Hunted – Manhunt 3: a photo of Rkomi

Unique exponents of the world of music Rkomi and Irama they sure know how to have fun even on the run. Rkomi in particular was able to express their philosophy very clearly in dealing with this experience: “We make music. Actually music for some and shit for others, and on Celebrity Hunted we screwed up.” Irama also had his say:“Anxiety has always been there, it was a constant, but we got to know each other better and I carry wonderful memories of this experience. It’s always nice to get involved while remaining tied to art, keeping one foot in music and then seeking experiences lighter.”

Solo experience for Katia Follesa

2 Katia Follesa Ch3

Celebrity Hunted – Manhunt 3: a photo by Katia Follesa

The only one to compete alone is Katia Follesa. The comedian, obviously laughing, thus spoke of this choice which apparently did not depend on her: “Sharing this experience with someone would have been nicer, but in the end they forced me to be alone. This year is a very particular edition, very funny. There will be twists even if I can’t say more.” When asked if the LOL experience was more difficult than running away from a group of experienced detectives, he replied: “It was much more difficult LOL, at times even more disheartening, in some moments of that program I even thought of abandoning this profession thinking of not making people laugh anymore. “

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