"Celebrity Big Brother"-Jennifer cries: She has to think about ex

Jennifer Iglesias (24) is struggling with a past relationship. Until a few months ago, this year’s Love Island winner was in a relationship with her show partner Nico. The two had previously had a crisis that they apparently could not overcome. But instead of parting on good terms, their relationship ended in a public mud fight. But Jenni apparently has worse things behind her: At Celebrity Big Brother, her tears came because of another ex-husband.

In conversation with her former attic roommate Sam Dylan (31), the 24-year-old revealed that she had a nightmare last night – from her ex. Although the separation was two and a half years ago, that was nothing unusual. She has anything but good memories of the relationship and is still confronted with negative emotions because of it. “I suffered badly”, the influencer recalled. The two were even engaged.

Jenny slipped into depression. Although she has sought therapeutic help, she still finds it difficult to get involved with someone new. “I’d rather stay alone and happy than have someone by my side where I have to fear or risk being hurt and treated the way it was back then.”she let her thoughts run wild.

Jennifer Iglesias, Jeremy Fragrance and Sam Dylan in the Celebrity Big Brother attic

Instagram / jennifer1glesias

Jennifer, “Love Island” winner 2022
Jennifer Iglesias on “Celebrity Big Brother”

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