Celebrity BB Valentina cries: She gets to meet her boyfriend Can

Valentina Doronina (22) is allowed to see her boyfriend! The reality TV actress opened up about her bad relationship with her in-laws on Celebrity Big Brother. She complained that they wouldn’t take her seriously because she works on reality TV. Her partner Can Kaplan didn’t like that Valentina made his parents an issue on television. Now the couple was allowed to meet at Celebrity BB.

Big Brother gave Valentina the opportunity to talk to her boyfriend for two minutes. In order to see him, the 22-year-old had to hand over all the food in the attic. The blonde didn’t want that, but her roommates encouraged her to do so. “Go through with it, you can do it! Stop with the parents, okay? Slow down, let my parents out, but go through with it!”said Can to Valentinawhen he saw her.

“I miss you, I love you so much” said Valentina to Canwhen she had to leave him. Twitter-Users initially feared that the conversation would not end so well for the influencer. They guessed that Can even wanted to break up with the TV riot noodle after she spoke publicly about his parents.

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Can Kaplan and Valentina Doronina
Celebrity Big Brother contestants

Instagram / valentinadoroninaofficial

Valentina Doronina and Can Kaplan

Were you also worried that Can might want to break up with Valentina?

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