"Celebrities under the palm trees"-Affair with Henrik? That’s what Emmy Russ says

What was really going on? The new season of Temptation Island VIP is currently running, where some celebrity couples put their loyalty to the test. Among them are Henrik Stoltenberg and Paulina Ljubas (25), as well as Emmy Russ (22) and her boyfriend Udo Bönstrup (27). But now it oozed out that Henrik and Emmy should have had something to do with another format before! Now the blonde took a stand on it.

In your Instagram-Story turned Emmy to her fans to clear up the quibble. She also addressed the former Love Island candidate directly: “We both know what happened to ‘Celebrities under the Palm Trees’. It crossed every line.” However, she did not want to explain what exactly happened. “Fortunately for you, the broadcast has been stopped and you have been kicked off the show,” she added.

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That could become a problem insofar as Henrik and Paulina had already been together at the time of the recording of “Celebrities under Palms”. But by now she already knows. “I also talked to Paulina about it in the villa”, reported Emmy, emphasizing that she and the influencer would still get along well and support each other.

Emmy Russ, TV Celebrity
Henrik Stoltenberg, candidate for "Celebrities under Palms"

Instagram / henrik_stoltenberg

Henrik Stoltenberg, candidate for “Celebrities under Palms”
Paulina Ljubas and Henrik Stoltenberg

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